The sake-making tradition started by our founder Eiga Hasegawa
has been carefully preserved for 350 years.
This painstaking process requires a combination of supreme skill
and dedication to bring out the full flavor of the rice.
Just like nature itself, this lovingly handcrafted sake is
constantly evolving and developing,
which means that the flavor is
never exactly the same from one year to the next.


Every drop contains the natural goodness of rice,
as well as the experience and expertise of generations of sake brewers.
Every drop is meticulously crafted to
produce a mellow and pleasing palate.
Fine sake should have quality and elegance,
and should complement the meal perfectly.
Eiga Hasegawa is such a sake.


HASEGAWA EIGA Sake cups exclusively crafted
by a potter
according to the aroma and flavor
of the five types of sake.


Event Report

Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"

Hasegawa Eiga Sake Tasting Session

In the session, you can enjoy the five kinds of "Hasegawa Eiga" and the seasonal sake appetizers
supervised by chefs in a reserved space limited to 3 groups a day.
(Invitation / Membership required)
Hasegawa Eiga Sake Tasting Session
For more details
Hasegawa Eiga Sake Tasting Session is
exclusive for members and introduced groups.
If you are a member, please make a reservation from the following page.

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