The sentiment behind Hasegawa Eiga

The ultimate dedication

What is the quintessential essence of Japanese beauty?
Surely it is the Japanese spirit of benevolence
that has been passed down through the generations.
We think of others. We respect nature. And we conduct ourselves with decorum.
The Japanese people are known for their warmth and compassion,
which constitutes the root source of Japanese art and culture.
The Japanese spirit lies at the core of Hasegawa Eiga: dedication to our customers,
commitment to the sake-making tradition and respect for Mother Earth.
Because ultimately, we believe that what moves us all is the kindness of others.

Our solemn promise: to keep making sake the way it was meant to be made

At Hasegawa Eiga, we give you one important guarantee:
that we will only ever make sake the way it was meant to be made,
using the finest selected rice and extracting its full potential
to make the very best sake, with experience and expertise in every drop.
Our way is slow and methodical.
It takes time and effort. But it is the only true way to bring out
the quintessential qualities of Japanese sake.
And we know that the end result is worth it.

The role of the master brewer

The master brewer has a vision of the sake to be created,
and draws upon years of experience and expertise in regulating
the forces of nature in order to bring this vision to fruition.
But because sake is a living thing,
the master brewer doesn’t know whether the end result will
exceed their expectations or test their ingenuity.
The brewing process involves constant
monitoring, assessing, adjusting and testing.
The master brewer is engaged in a battle of wits with nature itself,
an intense ongoing dialog in the pursuit of excellence.
Which is why every new vintage every year represents a new sensory experience.

Brewer’s intuition starts with the rice

Every year the rice crop is subtly different.
The variety chosen by Hasegawa Eiga for making sake, known as Yamada Nishiki,
is an especially delicate strain that is highly
susceptible to the effects of wind and rain.
Climate variations from year to year can produce small yet
significant differences in the characteristics of the rice.
The master brewer needs to have a good understanding of
the growing conditions and tailor the production process accordingly.
The rice holds the secrets; you just have to know where to look.
An important aspect of the master brewer’s job,
therefore, involves examining each and every grain and
determining how to extract maximum benefit.

The quintessence of the grain

With sake, there is no right or wrong.
There is only the fundamental question of how to transform the rice
you have in front of you into the vision of sake you have in your head.
This is where the skill, craftsmanship and
intuition of the master brewer come to the fore.
The master brewer’s role is to manage a complex web of interacting forces
in order to extract the quintessence from each and every grain.
A mellow bouquet complementing a full-bodied, crisp and clear taste.
An all-encompassing sensory experience of the inherent goodness of rice.
The best sake lets you sense the presence of rice.

The art of fermentation

Like a good book, painting or ceramic piece,
good sake is a work of art that can be a source of joy.
Instead of pens or paints, our tools are rice and water.
The art of fermentation requires a combination of inspiration
and technical skill–just like making a painting.
The painter creates colors and designs that inspire the imagination;
the master brewer creates flavors and bouquets that inspire the palate.
Hasegawa Eiga is the ultimate embodiment
of the Japanese fermentation technique.

Creative tension as a source of joy

The best artworks are meant to generate a frisson of tension in the viewer.
The vision, the technique and the values conveyed
by art can inspire awe and command respect.
In the same way, there is creative tension in Hasegawa Eiga sake.
The love, care and skill that goes into making
our sake interrogates one’s sensibilities, focusing the mind and enhancing enjoyment.
It is a two-way dialog, a contest of the emotions.
It is a truly unparalleled experience.

Hasegawa Eiga–the quintessential beauty of Japan

True sake is more than simply rice, water and koji;
it is also the embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship,
Japanese values and Japanese culture.
Our overarching aim is to express Japanese values through the medium of sake.
Hasegawa Eiga.
Every sip is a gateway to the inner beauty of the Japanese aesthetic.
The gateway to a higher level of being.


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